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Seed Sources/ All slash seed comes from second generation orchards.  Longleaf seed comes from local sources and the Blackwater State Forrest.  Loblolly is from the  Livingston Parrish source.

Morphologically improved seedlings are low density seedlings that are larger while still machine plantable. 

For large  reforestation orders call 386-963-2827 for price quotes. 


The Slash Pine is abundantly planted in reforestation, important for lumber, pulpwood and resin products. A rapidly growing tree it grows best in deep moist soils. Slash Pines are somewhat shade tolerant and fire resistant. (Minimum order is 500)   
  500 - 999 - $.10 each
1000 - Up - $.046 each   


 Morphologically Improved Slash (Minimum order is 500)
500 - 999 - $.10 each
1000 - up - $.064 each

Improved Livingston Parrish Loblolly (Minimum order is 500)

500 - 999 - $.10 each
1000 - up - $.046 each

LONGLEAF PINE – Pinus palustris
Longleaf pine is the legendary southern yellow pine of forest history.  They occurs naturally on nutrient poor soils of flat and sandy sites ranging from wet, poorly drained flat woods to dry rocky mountain ridges below 660-ft elevation.  Longleaf pine is a medium to large tree that reaches a height of 80' to 100' tall. The crown is characterized by the "basketball-shaped" tufts of needles at the ends of stout twigs. (Minimum order is 250)
250 - 999 - $.10 each
1001 - Up - $.084 each


Prices are subject to change without notice.