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Hardwood Trees

In addition to our Southern yellow pine seedlings, Dwight Stansel Farm & Nursery also grows many species of hardwoods and other conifers.  These are bare-root seedlings that can be used  for reclamation, mitigation projects, potting, transplanting directly and field  grown, landline borders, landscaping, or to create  an arboretum in your own yard. The cost to do your own planting is very minimal when compared to other methods.

Shipping is convenient with UPS delivery directly to you. You may also visit our farm and pick-up your seedlings at our nursery.

Enjoy yourself as you browse our inventory of trees and allow your visions to become reality by creating  a lasting legacy with carbon reducing trees.

Please note: Minimun order on all hardwoods is 100 seedlings.

TURKEY OAKS – Quercus laevis

The turkey oak is abundant and reaches good size on dry sandy ridges, sandy bluffs, and hammocks of the coastal region. The common name refers to the shape of the three lobed leaves that resemble a turkey's foot. The wood is heavy, hard, strong, and light brown in color with a light red tint. It has a bright red fall color and makes an interesting ornamental.

100-999 - $.40 each
1000- Up - $.30 each

WAX MYRTLE – Myrica cerifera
Wax Myrtle grows as an evergreen shrub or small tree and can reach 20' to 40' in height. Individual plants may have a narrow, rounded crown but multi-stemmed clumps often display wide, rounded crowns. It is a popular landscape tree and is often grown as a dense hedge for natural screening. Wax Myrtle is important for wildlife that depends on the persistent fruits for fat and fiber in their winter diet.

100-999 - $.40 each
1000-Up - $.195 each


LAUREL OAK – Quercus hemisphaerica
Laurel oak is a tree of pleasing symmetry. It is fast growing, tall, and full. Laurel oak is a common ornamental in the south. Landscaping is the main economic value of laurel oak. It has been used locally for fuel wood, as well as pulpwood for making paper. Laurel oak produces large crops of acorns regularly. It is an important wildlife food resource for whitetail deer, raccoons, squirrels, turkeys, ducks, quail, birds, and rodents.


100 - 999 - $.40 each
1000 - Up - $.190 each
DAHOON HOLLY – Ilex cassine

Dahoon holly is a small tree that has a narrow growth habit of upward pointing branches that grows to a height of up to 30 ft (9.1 m). It is often found in swamps and other wet locations wh ere it achieves its greatest size. In warm winter areas the dahoon is evergreen but tends to shed its foliage in colder climates. The leaves are simple with smooth edges with just a few small sharp teeth and a sharp bristle at the tip. The small white flowers are inconspicuous and appear in spring. In the winter, female trees are covered with bright red or yellow berries.   

                          100 - 999 - $.40each

                         1000 - Up -  $.20each



SOUTHERN RED OAK- Quercus falcato

Southern red oak is a fast-growing species that is often used as a street-side landscape tree. Its large size and broad crown provide valuable shade. The durable, coarse-grain wood of the southern red oak is used for lumber, flooring, and construction materials, as well as some furniture making. The large size and solid root system of the tree make it useful in watershed protection. The trees help to maintain the stability of the surrounding soils. Many wildlife species, including squirrels, deer, wild turkey, quail, and numerous songbirds, feed on the acorns of the tree. 


100 - 999 - $.40 each

1000 - up -  $.22 each


MAY HAW - Crataegus opaca
A small tree with a relatively tall trunk and narrow, rounded crown; or a large shrub. River-flat hawthorn or may haw is a small tree or shrub, to 30 ft., with spiny branches and oval to oblong, dark-green leaves. Clusters of showy pink or white flowers appear before and with the leaves. Large, green to reddish fruit ripens from May to June. The large, edible fruit is made into preserves and jellies.

100 - 999 - $.45 each
1000 - up -  $.22 each
SAWTOOTH OAK – Quercus acutissima
Sawtooth Oak is an attractive, large, deciduous tree, 50 feet in height or taller with a rounded, broad, pyramidal shape. The trunk and bark of Sawtooth Oak are gray-brown and deeply furrowed.  The Sawtooth Oak is a good shade tree and is a good choice urban areas where air pollution, poor drainage, compacted soil, and/or drought are common.


100- 999 -$.45 each
1000 - up - $.22 each
CHICKASAW PLUM – Prunus angustifolia

Growing 25 feet tall and wide, Chickasaw Plum forms a rounded mass of slender, thorny branches sprouting from a short trunk. In spring, before the one to two-inch-long leaves appear, Chickasaw Plum is festooned with small, white, fragrant flowers which make the trees quite decorative in the presence of other trees which are often still dormant. The 0.5- inch-diameter fruits which follow are red, ripening to yellow, and are extremely popular with wildlife and man. The plums are either eaten fresh or used to make a delicious jelly.

100 -999 - $.40 each
1000 - up -  $.195 each

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