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Hardwood Trees

In addition to our Southern yellow pine seedlings, Dwight Stansel Farm & Nursery also grows many species of hardwoods and other conifers.  These are bare-root seedlings that can be used  for reclamation, mitigation projects, potting, transplanting directly and field  grown, landline borders, landscaping, or to create  an arboretum in your own yard. The cost to do your own planting is very minimal when compared to other methods.

Shipping is convenient with UPS delivery directly to you. You may also visit our farm and pick-up your seedlings at our nursery.

Enjoy yourself as you browse our inventory of trees and allow your visions to become reality by creating  a lasting legacy with carbon reducing trees.

Please note: Minimun order on all hardwoods is 100 seedlings.

WHITE OAK – Quercus alba

This is one of the largest trees of forests in the eastern United States. The distinctive bark is light ash-gray in color, and often fissured into scaly plates. The tree grows best on deep, well-drained upland soils. The close-grained, strong wood is one our best for furniture and hardwood flooring. Many kinds of wildlife feed on the acorns as well.

Sold Out

100-999 - $ .40 each
1000-up - $.220 each


SOUTHERN RED CEDAR -Juniperus virginiana
Southern Red Cedar is a favorite for windbreaks, screens and wildlife cover for large-scale landscapes. This medium-sized evergreen conifer can grow to 50-feet tall and have a trunk two feet in diameter. It has a conical shape, with the height of the tree usually equaling its spread.  Southern Red Cedar grows in a variety of soils and is highly drought and salt-spray tolerant. It is important that the tree is not over-watered or transplanted once established. It is used by wildlife as a food source and for nesting/cover. It makes a wonderful living Christmas tree. 
100-999 - $.40 each
1000-up - $.210 each
LIVE OAK – Quercus virginiana

The Live oak is the southern symbol of strength. Lining the historic streets of small towns, the reclining branches create a canopy of speckled light. It normally grows in low sandy soils near the coast but also occurs in moist rich woods and along stream banks. The Live oak is a fast-growing tree and when planting live oak, it should be restricted to large yards or parks where the spreading form can be accommodated. Live oak is a large tree that reaches heights of 65' to 85'. It has a wide spreading crown and is buttressed and flared at the base of the trunk.  

Sold Out

 100-999 - $.40 each

1000-Up - $.20 each      


Red Maple - Acer rubrum

The red maple is generally described as a Perennial Tree. The Red Maple has its most active growth period in the Spring and Summer. The Red Maple has Green foliage and conspicuous Red flowers, with conspicuous Red fruits or seeds. The greatest bloom is usually observed in the early Spring. At maturity, the typical Red Maple will reach up to 65 feet high, with a maximum height at 20 years of 65 feet. Red Maple has Low tolerance to drought and restricted water conditions. 


Sold Out
100-999 - $.40             
  1000-up - $.195



SWEETGUM - Liquidambar styraciclus
Sweetgum is second in production only to oaks among hardwoods. The wood is used as flooring, furniture, veneers, home interiors, and other lumber applications. The wood is also used as paper pulp and to make baskets. Sweetgum is a favorite landscape tree due to its beautiful, glossy leaves, brilliant fall color, and because it makes a good shade tree. Sweetgum is easily recognized by its star-shaped leaves and its woody, spiny, ball-like fruit.

 100 - 999 -  $.40each
 1000-Up -     $.195 each

SHUMARD OAK – Quercus shumardii
Shumard oak is one of the largest species in the southern red oak group. Shumard oak is a large tree that often grows to heights of 80' to 125'. It has a slightly buttressed trunk and broad, open crown. It is a excellent shade tree because of its broad, rounded canopy.  The wood is used commercially for cabinets, furniture, floors, and lumber.  Shumard oaks prefer deep, moist, rich soils and are generally found bordering streams or swampy areas. 
Sold Out
100-999 - $.40each
1000 - Up  $.20 each
SOUTHERN MAGNOLIA - Magnolia grandiflora

Southern Magnolia, is an aristocrat of trees. It grows well throughout the south, is widely adaptable to a variety of soils, and has few pest problems. With glossy evergreen foliage and large white fragrant blossoms, it truly is one of the most handsome and durable native trees for our southern landscapes. Wildlife eat the seeds, and florists prize the leathery foliage


100-999 -   $.40 each
1000 - Up - $.28 each
WILLOW OAK – Quercus phellos

This medium to large southern oak with willowlike foliage is known for its rapid growth and long life. Widely used as a shade tree, in parks, and to line streets and boulevards, the fast-growing Willow Oak can reach over 70 feet in height with more than a 40 to 50 foot spread. The pyramidal shape in youth gives way to a rounded canopy in middle and old age, with lower branches drooping toward the ground. The long, light green willow-like leaves create dense shade and a graceful effect turning bright yellow before they fall. 


 100-999 - $.45 each
                               1000 - up - $.25 each



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