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We offer a variety of other products produced by our Farm.  Very high protein Pea Vine Hay, high quality Coastal Bermuda Hay, and Centipede Sod are available.  Wrens Abruzzi Rye seed is an excellent winter grazer for Florida. This seed is available annually beginning in August of 2009 thru winter.  Pensicola Bahiagrass seed is a very hardy summer grazer that does great throughout Florida, Georgia and Alabama. Iron Clay Peas are an excellent, if not the best, browse for deer during the  summer and fall.  Try a bag in your food plot and see the results.


Call for quotes on large quantities & delivery.
Pea Vine hay $35 per roll
Coastal Bermuda $45 per roll
Coastal Bermuda Square Bales $4 per bale



Handling on other items $5
Pensacola Bahia Grass 50 lbs bags $87.50
Iron Clay Peas 50 lbs bags $25